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Samurai Champloo

hours spent:

First Worn to:
MatsuriCon 2007

Why I did this cosplay:
I seriously loved Fuu! She was pretty funny and I love her kimono.

I used a cotton pink and maroon fabric for the kimono and obi. I then used a white fabric for the flower petals. At first I painted the flowers on, but then I decided to sew them on.

Anything else?
I HATE PAINTING! The shoes I used are soo comfortable!

At Matsuricon I didn't have the right obi... I kinda lost the one I had used previously so I'm very upset for that matter. And I used a different pair of shoes this time for the con.

Right before Matsuricon 2007, there was a movie that came out called SuperBad. This is one of the scenes being renacted... horribly by yours truly. Credit goes to Lilyakka! ((THANK YOU DAN!))