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Cowboy Bebop
Episode 5: Ballad of Fallen Angels

hours spent:

First worn at:
Ohayocon 2007 ((Found Item Adult: Best in Division))

Why I did this cosplay:
Dan and Gage were entering the Ohayocon Found Item Adult Cosplay competition. Since I was always their Faye in the group they had invited me once again to join. This time I decided that my yellow one would not be enough to win for Ohayocon; I decided that it was time to make a new costume. So we had a Spike and Vicious, I choose the outfit that matched the occasion. Plus I don‘t see a lot of people making this outfit either.

I had used this stretch velvet fabric to make the dress so it would be form fitting. Because of this option I was no longer able to add a zipper. Making it very hard to get out of.

I had used left over fabric from Rikku’s skirt and made a long shirt like jacket with a vinyl collar.

The hat was created with the same stretch velvet. I added of white pearl beads.

The earrings were small like crystals that were clear then I painted them and added them to earring hooks. I added paint piping to create a casket effect.

Gloves, shoes and scarf was all preowned

Anything else?
This outfit is extremely hard to move in without exposing my top. So I have to be cautious at all times. I found the right scarf after the convention had ended.. which saddens me deeply