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White King CHii

Chobits Your Eyes Only Artbook

hours spent:

First worn To:
Ohayocon 2007

Why I did this cosplay:
My friend Bai Ai Li was already making the Freya dress. I fell in love with the design and decided to do a cosplay couple with her. Its Chii.. come on people, you gotta do a Chii cosplay.

I used a nice white polyester with a white satin lining for thickness. The polyester is very thin, you could call it sheer. Then, I made a waist clencher for the stomach area. I made my own design for the dress and the skirt pattern was different from the pink lolita. I used over 45 yards of black ribbon and I made the small little crown on my head.

Anything else?
I've never made accessories like the crown, I might remake it in the future so it looks more like Chii's. I love the overall design of the dress, the fit, and its so much fun to wear! I didn't wear the Chii wig again when I took pics of it.. I should of... but I didn't. ATASHI WA BAKA!

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