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Ayashi no Ceres by: Yuu Watas´┐Ż


Why I chose to make this costume:
Ayashi no Ceres is one of my favorite animes of all time. I even made a shrine for her. And I knew I just had to make the hagoromo cosplay. I didn't like the actual anime design so I chose to make mine off of the artbooks that Yuu Watase created.

This outfit is basically all fabric and beads, but more detail is in it than you think. I used mutlisized gold plated beads for the necklace, and belt. I used gold bracelets and rings for the armbands and of course bracelets. The fabric I used was a shiny cotton blend with some other type of fabric and sewn a skirt and long strips. I wove in wire to help keep the strips a float and look alive rather than just hanging off of the necklace. The crown that I wear in some of the pictures was constructed from a thick gauged gold wire.

Anything else?
If not for the nude colored bra, I'd be exposed. This costume took a long time because of the wires sewn into the strips of fabric and the beading took a long time. I love this costume even though its pretty skimpy and simple to some. The necklace is probably my most favorite part because I got to work with beads for a change instead of all fabric.

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