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Bunny Fan Art

Code Geass: R2

hours spent:

First Worn to:
Anime Central 2008
Sugoicon 2008: Best Novice Skit

Why I did this cosplay:
Bunny suits = epic WIN. Actually a group of my friends and I were planning on this. We didn't get together but the costumes are still GODLY.

I recycled my Bunny Haruhi costume and added pvc ribbons to the side of the bunny suit.

Anything else?
I wish I got pictures with the other girls.

Sugoicon 2008
Our GOD team skit for this con was CODE GEASS FUNDRAISER. Overall Kallen and Shirely were looking for ways to get to the con... unfortunately they had no money. So what they had to do was create a fundraiser, thats when C.C. gives them a great idea.
Bai Ai Li, Air and I won Best Novice Skit for our performance.

Many thanks to God Team Member RAKUEN for recording us in the front row!