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Code Geass: R1

hours spent:

First Worn to:
Ohayocon 2009

Why I did this cosplay:
My friend bought a Japanese Newtype as a Christmas present for me. I was reading it and I found this great image of C2/C.C. I wanted a new costume for C2/CC for that matter because most of the ones I have done are a bit risky.. so this one is a bit more.. covered.

I created a black kimono and used wonder under to keep the red ravens on. I used a white kimono for the kimono underneath it. I then used the remnants of my yellow satin from my Miaka costume for the obi. I painted it with red and green paint. I created red straps for the strings holding her in the hair. I reused my tabi socks that I own, and I bought a pair of clear high heels. THEY EVEN LIGHT UP!

Anything else?
I love this costume. Seriously its a grand kimono and its fun to walk around in.

After Cosplay Chess I was promoting Britannia and Code Geass by asking people to say "ALL HAIL BRITANNIA"... people who did got a nice little prize. GOD MEMBER RAKUEN captured this amazing feature.

I was hanging out with GOD members again.... but this time we weren't doing our crazy shenanigans with other people... XD