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Parasite Eve

hours spent:

First Worn to:
November Rocky Picture Horror Show
International Fashion Show 06

Why I did this cosplay:
Parasite Eve is a great game created by Square Soft. I enjoyed playing it til the max. Its just too bad that she only uses this dress one: the opera dress. I thought it was worth cosplaying as Aya.

Aya's dress was constructed with a black satin fabric that had lining woven into it. I made a dress pattern and made a top fold over for the bust area. I created the straps by hand and shoes were preowned.

Anything else?
The dress is comfortable to wear and it has a slit too. God they are soo much easier to run in if you have a slit. And I can wear this dress out if I need be. Its that little black dress that can be used for just about every occasion, even saving the world.

can I get ready? LET THE HUNT BEGIN! I've won!