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Final Fantasy VIII: Concept Art by Yoshitaka Amano

hours spent:

Why I did this cosplay:
I am such a Rinoa fan. I love her to death, and would do all her costumes. Which yea.. I technically have done all of her costumes... I LOVE RINOA! Plus this design was simple and cute. Just liker her.

I first started making the jewelry: a multi colored necklace that followed closely to the reference picture. The bracelet was pretty hard and I had to come up with my own design close to Amano-san's. I then made a small red ring to go on my right hand. Studying even closer to the picture, I noticed Rinoa was also wearing an earring so I made an earring based off of a peacock feather.

I worked with a pink satin and then a white liner fabric ((heck I don't know what type it is.)) And a gold sheer, but thick fabric that I used on my other Rinoa ballroom outfit.

I thought the dress looked too plain against the hard jewelry so I added clear, yellow, and orange beads at the bottom hem of the pink part.

The shoes were preowned.. yea I dunno how to make pink shoes...

Anything else?
I love this outfit.. it was different. All the jewelry pieces were special and unique in their own ways. The dress: simple yet elegant. I just love the overall factor of this costume. I'm still probably gonig to add more beads and fabric over time with this costume.

LIMIT BREAK calm yet? I just got here huh these? Passion shot