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Final Fantasy VIII: Concept Art by Yoshitaka Amano

hours spent:

First Worn to:
Daigacon 2007 ((won 3rd place in Craftsmenship))

Why I did this cosplay:
I am such a Rinoa fan. I love her to death, and would do all her costumes. I saw this design and thought to myself.. why not? Its Rinoa before she was pixelated... I put myself to the challenge.

I used a lot of fabric and beads on this costume, not to even mention the countless hours of handbeading the top and the trains. I used tiny multicolored sead beads everywhere, and used sequins on the outfit. I used a Chinese greenish satin to make the shorts. I made over 25 bracelets to correspond with the matching attire.. some bracelets could actually double as anklets. I made th wings on a 12 dollar budget and hey.. they actually turned out very nicely. I guess thats what happens when you try extremely hard.

Anything else?
I still want to add more to this costume. I want to thank that nice lady at Artist Alley at Daigacon for lending me that choker.. my god it was beautiful. I still hope to use it in the future.

Revived GASP! LIMIT BREAK calm yet? I just got here huh these? Passion shot Precious looks like you found me

Daigacon 2007
big thanks to  Shinteetah for my photo