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Alice in Wonderland
Tukiji Nao's Illustration

hours spent:

Worn To:
Mall St. Matthews, Steak N Shake, Lazer Blaze in Louisville 2008, November 26

Why I did this cosplay:
I have always loved the Alice in Wonderland and Alice and the Looking Glass fairy tales. I've loved the concept a bit too much. But who doesn't have a fairy tale that they love? Was asked to do a photo shoot with friends at the mall. I usually don't like cosplaying in public but I wanted to say at least I've done it once. I decided that Alice would be perfect. Majority of my costumes are a bit indecent so I figured... its best and covered.

I had been saving a dark blue fabric for quite sometime. I decided to use this for my advantage because I had no time to go out to buy new fabric. I used a shiny creme fabric for the cuffs and collar. I added a creme and gold lace to the collar and cuffs.

I created a red scarf with two rows of red lace for the bow. The red lace has gold in it too. Talk about fancy right?

I created a satin apron. Based off of the design I added gold lines on the side with ruffles and lace at the bottom.

I made bloomers a long time ago with lace at the bottom and I have a petticoat.

Anything else?
I definitely love this costume. At first I made it too big, so I had to alter it.. and now it fits like a glove. I had fun with this costume. I almost didn't want to wear my white wig. But actually it made it look really great. I definitely have a lot of ideas for Alice in Wonderland/ Alice and the Looking Glass. I'll probably make more costumes to follow it up. I really like wearing this costume without the apron. It makes me feel like a British school girl.

Mall St. Matthews