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Alice 19th


Minami Maki

Minami Maki

Hatsune Sugina
Kirie Koganezawa

Hatsune is dreaming of having a high school life filled with friends. Only problem is that she allows does the wrong things and yells at her classmates and is rude to them. She tries to get in a club but all the clubs have rejected her except for the MAIDEN’S CLUB! That’s where she meets Kirie. br>
SPOILERS: highlight to read

Hatsune believes that Kirie is gay because he has a household full of sisters. And Hatsune is a household of males which makes her so rough. Kirie then decides to help Hatsune make friends and then learns later that they actually like each other.. Thus Hatsune becomes his girlfriend.

The story line is very simple and easy to understand: which makes this series great for the length it is! I love the concept which isn‘t your ordinary girl is shy and delicate… no.. this girl is horrible and rough on the edges to the extreme. I give this series a 4 out of 5. It‘s still a high school drama.

Hatsune seemed pretty cute in he beginning but when Kirie transforms her with a make over… TOTALLY CUTE! I like the fact that she actually is a bit of a tough person but soft on the inside.
Kirie is a sweet guy… and like a metro sexual. He is like that bishi that you want sooo bad in your life ((if you were a girl?)) that would do your hair.. Choose your clothes.. Sort of thing.
Overall I really like the characters and the development is cliché. So I give it a 3 out of 5.

Because of the high school stuff… the only really great parts is the clothes and the rose tea party… yea that’s about it.
Overall satisfaction 2 out of 5. Just was lacking a lot but what can you expect from a h.s. series?

Overall Satisfaction:
This was a 4 chapters series.. So it was a light read.
I give this series a 7 out of 10.

The uniqueness of the characters, story and the shortness of it all was simple and light.. Just like an appetizer.